We provide a guarantee of at least one year on all products in our range; in many cases the guarantee period is significantly longer. For corporate customers, a guarantee is only provided on products intended for commercial use.
Below is a list of our products and their respective guarantee times. At the bottom of the page you will find our guarantee conditions.

Trampoline Use Frame  Springs  Jump mat Frame pad
Explorer Domestic 10 years 5 years 5 years 2 years
Performer Domestic 10 years 5 years 5 years 2 years
Athlete Domestic 10 years 5 years 5 years 2 years

Safety Net Use Poles Net Other
Safety net Domestic 2 years 2 years 0 years


Accessories Domestic use 1 year



1. The guarantee only applies to material or construction faults on the product and its parts.
Parts covered by normal wear and tear (e.g. elastics and safety net pole foams) are not covered by the guarantee.

2. The guarantee claim expires in the following situations:
- in case of incorrect and/or careless use of the product.
- if the product is not mounted and serviced according to the manual.
- if repairs of the product have not been carried out in a professional manner.
- if parts that have been mounted afterwards do not meet the technical specifications or have not been assembled correctly.
- if a product intended for private use has been used for commercial use and/or in public environments.

3. For trampolines that are placed near the coast (less than 1.6 km from the coast), the guarantee period is reduced by 25%.

4. In extreme weather conditions such as strong winds, we recommend dismounting the trampoline. The guarantee does not apply in case of storm damage.

5. The guarantee claim will be assessed on the basis of the guarantee conditions by North Trampoline's experts.

6. To be able to invoke the guarantee, the consumer must be able to prove that the product was purchased from North Trampoline. The consumer is therefore advised to save his/her proof of purchase. The consumer must be able to prove alleged defects or damages with pictures (a close-up picture of the damage and a picture of the complete trampoline) for the dealer to be able to make an assessment as to whether or not it is a guarantee case.

7. The guarantee only applies to the original purchaser: In other words, the guarantee ceases to apply if the product is resold.

Excluded from the guarantee are:
- Surface rust / flash rust
- Material damage due to wear or other external influences (foreign objects)
- Mould or stains caused by moisture, decayed leaves or the like
- Sun-bleached parts

For questions about the guarantee or other inquiries, please contact us by email, info@us.northtrampoline.com