Oval Trampolines

North Trampoline offer two of the best oval trampolines on the market, the Explorer and the Planet. Perfect for kids who want to do more than static bouncing the oval shape gives them room to travel, whether it's perfecting their cartwells, kicking a ball about or slam dunking into their trampoline basketball hoop.

  • With their rounded smooth edges, oval trampolines can be easier on the eye than rectangle trampolines
  • 'Even' Jump space means a safer jump experience without being drawn to the middle.
  • Perfect for large families or adventurous kids!
  • An oval shape has a larger jumping area than equivalent round trampoline.
  • Our oval trampolines are designed for use by kids over the age of 6.

★★★★★ The children LOVE it!

We had our North Oval trampoline installed in August and the children love it! We had some great advice from North Trampoline on the size and shape that would fit our space most effectively and we are delighted with the trampoline. It is fantastic quality and we especially love the self-closing, zip-free entrance, which has mean the children can safely get off and on really easily. Many thanks North Trampoline - excellent product and service! Ruth B

Oval Trampoline Safety: 

An oval trampoline has an even bounce across the whole jump mat area, similar to that of a rectangle trampoline. A round trampoline is more likely to pull you to the centre for the optimum bounce, meaning if multiple kids (not advised!) are using the trampoline then they are far less likely to collide on an oval trampoline due to the different jumping zones. 

Oval Trampoline Bounce: 

Round trampolines will always give the best optimum bounce in the centre of the jump mat. With an oval trampoline you get two jumping zones, and a more even controlled bounce across the jump area. 

Oval trampoline shape: 

Like a rectangular trampoline, oval trampolines will also loose less 'dead-space' in your garden than a round trampoline, especially if space is limited. Oval trampolines tend to be a good choice in long, narrow backyards where space is more limited.

Oval trampolines have a larger area for jumping and therefore a great option for larger families or for active kids that wish to practice gymnastics and master flips and tricks.