North Legend has been awarded Best in Test 2024 by the Swedish government's research and testing institute. In the test results from March 2024, North Legend received a score of 4.97, making it the clear winner. A good second place went to North Pioneer, which scored 4.5.

How are the trampolines tested?

There are so many so called 'Best in Test' trampolines out there on the internet today but have they really been tested thoroughly and independently? Can you actually trust them? Now an independent comparative test of 8 trampoline has been performed according to RISE own testing method. The trampoline tests are the toughest and most comprehensive in the world. They have been carried out by the Division of Materials and Production, which specialises in testing and evaluating safety, quality and performance - in more than 17 different tests that push trampolines to the limit.

  • RISE is the Swedish government's independent research and testing institute, employing 2900 people in five different departments across Sweden.


When jumping on a trampoline, you want to have both a high jump and a soft jump. In order to obtain physical data on jump height and g-values on softness, a test body with an instrumented accelerometer in the form of a hemisphere with a diameter of 270 mm and a mass of 45.95 kg was dropped from a height of 2.0 m from the mat. The acceleration was measured and the rebound was filmed. The results were based on the combination of maximum height and low G-force. The test showed us that the length of the spring has very little to do with the rebound experience. There are 9 different factors on the spring that determine the rebound, so just checking the length of the spring tells you nothing.


Trampolines are great fun and because they are used so much, they need to be extra safe. This is where most of the testing has been done, as after all, the tests have been made in Sweden. The design of the net is crucial, is the entrance safe? Can you get trapped anywhere on the trampoline? How is the frame padding, does it stay in place after heavy use, does it protect the jumper from hard surfaces? The test proves that a well-designed trampoline can be safe. This is where the biggest differences between the trampolines in the test occur.

Quality and Assembly

When you invest in a trampoline, you want it to last as long as possible without compromising on safety or materials. Every part of the trampoline has been checked and tested. If something breaks, spare parts should be available. A trampoline that is not assembled correctly can be potentially dangerous to use, so ease and speed of assembly is important. Assembly time ranges from 1 hour 18 minutes to 4 hours 30 minutes depending on the model. If you have to dismantle your trampoline every year for the winter, the assembly time will make a big difference. North trampolines have a simple click and connect system, so no tools are needed, which makes life so much easier.


North trampolines have been recognised as the best trampolines in European independent tests between 2015 and 2024. In 2023, The Independent, one of the UK's leading newspapers, voted North Trampolines the best high performance trampoline and best rectangular trampoline. They say: 'North Trampolines is a Scandi brand; many of its engineers are Volvo alumni, so it has taken all that know-how and put it to good use in this trampoline. It’s incredibly easy to put together, despite its large size and also very bouncy, which delighted our testers.'