Do Bigger Trampolines Bounce Higher?

North Athlete

The size of a trampoline doesn’t always dictate how high you can bounce. There are a range of factors you need to consider like the size of the springs, the quality of the jump mat and the size and thickness of the frame. 

Infact, for most low cost trampolines bigger trampolines often perform worse than the smaller models, due to the vast jump area not having enough elasticity. 

However, in the case of the North Athlete Trampoline bigger is definitely better! With more than 17 foot of play space this extremely powerful trampoline is going to give you the highest bounce around. 

The secret behind Athletes powerful launching capability lies within the Swedish springs fixated to the weighty rectangular framework. This combination paired with the double stranded jump-mat will up your game and allow the most high-flying and intense bouncing experience you will ever have. 

Years of knowledge and innovation comes together to create this extraordinary trampoline. An experience beyond next level and choice of the pro´s. Expect nothing less than pure performance. 

What is the biggest size trampoline you can buy?

Olympic size trampolines are 17ft x 10ft; at 18ft x 11ft the North Athlete eclipses this.  

The North Athlete is in a league of its own. The steel frame is unmatched on the market due to its weighty construction. Athletes' solid foundation is substantial when it comes to stability, safety and longevity. In terms of bouncing the rectangular shape is by far the best and highly recommended for athletic and acrobatic training. 

North Athlete is a professional trampoline designed for use by experts in a professional environment. If you intend to use the trampoline in your own backyard without spotters or professional supervision, you will need to order Athlete with a safety net to keep you safe.