About North

Made For Greatness

There is greatness in your kids, in you, in everyone.

That is what North is all about, our purpose and our heart to see people’s greatness revealed.  It is not our trampoline that is important it is you and what you do with it.  


  • Trampolines have the amazing ability to inspire people to laugh, grow and realise their own personal greatness. 
  • Kids who have too much energy and use too many screens, are given an outlet, are challenged and grow. 
  • It can be a lifesaver for parents when the house finally turns quiet when the kids have discovered outdoors is suddenly fun.
  • Kids connect with themselves, each other, and their parents. The trampoline is just a tool, but a great one. It is one of the best places we have had connecting with our own kids, creating memories, bonds, laughs and life together. 

Trampoline Health Benefits 


Trampolining has many health benefits 

  • Physical: by helping maintain a healthy weight, build strong bones and muscles and improve cardiovascular health.
  • Mental: by reducing stress, anxiety, depression as regular physical exercise improves mood, self-esteem, and overall mental well-being.
  • Cognitive development: By improving attention, memory, and academic performance.
  • Socialisation: by having fun with friends and family and creating a feeling of belonging.


North Trampoline 

Our dream was to create a human friendly company that could help release that greatness. A company that would give instead of take (read about our giving here). A place where work is not just a grind, but somewhere just like a trampoline, that would bring joy and help release the greatness in everyone we touch.  

About North Trampoline The Team


Norths three core values that are involved in every decision are:

  1. Love – Love is a verb, to put someone else in the center, not yourself. 
  2. Quality – We want quality in everything we do, from trampolines to relationships. Rather less really good than lots of average. 
  3. Pioneering spirit – To think outside the box, how to build a truly human friendly company, that truly makes a difference and this world a bit better. 


Are offices are located in London/UK and Gothenburg/Sweden.