Reach new heights with USA’s most powerful double vented in-ground trampoline

North Inground Trampoline

 15ft x 10ft Rectangle In Ground Trampoline

• Epic Performance - Patented TDU™ Vented Pads means you can bounce higher, more easily and for longer.

• Customized Bounce - The unique spring extenders adjust the spring tension for the ultimate bounce.

• Enhanced Safety – Pad-to-mat mesh connector means zero access to the springs and no lost phones or toys in the pit below! 

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Designed for DIY installation

  • Wether you choose to install it yourself, or use a local landscaper, the clever low 7 inch double frame means less digging than other in-ground trampolin systems.
  • Comes as a complete kit (retaining wall included) to keep surrounding ground secure and avoid paying for costly retaining wall structures.
  • Digging not your thing? Use a local landscape gardener.

Most people install these trampolines themselves, but you can also use your local landscaper.

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"We’ve noticed something really cool! People jump more on an In Ground Trampoline than an above ground one because they are so easy to access and look so inviting!"

Olle Goransson. Founder North Trampoline

We’ve solved the biggest problem with In gound trampolines…

In ground trampolines are awesome but trapped air beneath the trampoline will give a poor bounce and create annoying padslap noise when the air tries to escape under the safety pads. So, how did we solve that?...

  • The unique patented TDU® vented pads and North vented jump mat combo allows the air to flow more freely than other In Ground Trampolines, especially those that rely on a vented (airflow) jump mat alone
  • Kids can jump for longer than on other In Ground Trampolines because the air flow makes it effortless!
  • No pad slap noise, shhhh, this trampoline is super quiet!

Keep fingers and toes safe and stop valuables falling into the trampoline pit

Garden toys and much-loved belongings, including kids’ mobile phones, can accidentally fall into the hole. We’ve seen this happen with other In Ground Trampolines and it’s not much fun trying to retrieve them!

  • The only in ground trampoline to have a pad-to-mat mesh connected with chunky zippers to keep fingers and toes 100% clear of the springs.
  • Gives peace of mind that valuables will not end up in the hole, especially when kids insist on filming themselves on their trampoline!

The only In Ground Trampoline with spring extenders

Exceptional bounce powered by long dynamic springs that can be enhanced and adjusted using the unique Spring Extenders.

  • Adjust the tension on the jump mat to make a higher bounce for bigger kids or a softer, easier bounce for fun-seeking little ones.
  • This trampoline continues to deliver amazing performance as your family grows in size and ability.

How to Make a Safe Trampoline Even Safer…

  • Option to add full safety net (coming soon), which can be used to protect from hard obstables such as nearby trees, fences or pathways. Zip entrance encourages freeplay from the trampoline to garden.
  • Ultimate safety due to no height to fall from, or ladder to climb - perfect for small and big kids alike!
  • No net poles on the outside of the trampoline. If you’ve got them, you’ll know it’s a real pain to cut the grass around them.

Optimum Shape and Size for Ultimate Performance

  • Unique 15x10ft rectangular shape is perfect for budding gymnasts and young athletes
  • Gives more space to play but also offers a great bounce even towards the edges.
  • Extra weight capacity (tested to 1654lb) means this trampoline will last from childhood to adulthood, a great investment.

Designed to last underground...

Other brands take their above ground trampoline and sink it into the ground without any thought to how the component parts will last or perform in those conditions. This one is specially developed for just in-ground use.

  • Galvanised frame and springs are designed to cope with the damp conditons underground
  • 10 Year Frame Warranty
  • And of course, the patented TDU™ vented pads to ensure the free flow of air which helps cope with moisture underground.

Easy to install...

  • Wether you choose to install it yourself, or use a local landscaper, the clever low 7 inch double frame means less digging than other In Ground Trampoline systems.
  • Comes as a complete kit (retaining wall included) to keep surrounding ground secure and avoid paying for costly retaining wall structures.
  • Top Tip; if installing yourself you can cut the digging effort in half by hiring a small mini excavator!


Rain, wind, snow, and sun. North trampoline is designed to endure what the planet throws at it. In return, we look after our planet, by creating a trampoline that will last your family for their whole childhood using carefully selected, long lasting and responsible materials. Less landfill. Happier Earth.

  • Full range of spare parts available
  • Weather tested, long lasting materials marked for recyclability


Chromium 6 is a cheap corrosion protection for steel. You can easily spot it by it’s golden colour. It is however carcinogenic and is on the EU’s list of chemicals to be phased out. We made a choice to protect families and workers in our factories and do not use Chrome 6 in any of our products.

  • No hazardous chemicals. REACH certified by External test institute
  • We take an active part in EU:s legislative work to keep trampolines safe
  • Watch out for golden parts in cheap trampolines


Springs / Jumpmat
Safety Padding
Safety Net


Excited by the details? That makes two of us!

Visit the facts tab or link below to learn about dimensions, safey tests and assembly.

UseFrameSpringsJump matFrame padSafety net
Domestic10 years5 years5 years2 years2 years
ModelNorth In Ground Trampoline
Jump area square foot 97
Weight lb 375
Number of springs 100
Frame pad width/thickness Inches 16 / 1.2
Leg diameter Inches 1.73
Recommended max. user weight lb 243lb
Tested up to lb 1654lb
Box 1 size Inch,lb 71 x 19 x 13 , 81lb
Box 2 size cm,kg 71 x 23 x 6 , 118lb
Box 3 size cm,kg 74 x 17 x 8 , 126lb
Box 4 size cm,kg 47 x 20 x 7 , 69.2lb
CE certified Yes
Test Institute BV Büro Veritas