Why are rectangle trampolines more expensive?

Rectangle trampolines tend to be priced slightly higher than the equivalent round versions, you may wonder why this is. Classic round trampoline frames are inherently strong by design. The reason for this is that the stress is distributed equally instead of concentrating at any one point.

A rectangle frame has more joins and corners to factor in; A well-engineered rectangle trampoline with good performance, often needs a combination of stronger springs and more metal to support corners, joints and strengthen the long edges.

In addition to this, the long edges of rectangle trampolines are much longer than the equal pieces of the equivalent round trampoline, meaning more storage space is required and this can result in more expensive shipping fees and packaging.

In the USA we sell more rectangle trampolines than any other - and for good reason. Rectangle trampolines are growing in popularity, they are the only shape used for gymnastics and for competitions because of their lovely even bounce across the whole jump area. This gives excellent control and space to ‘travel’ across the jump area rather than ‘on-the-spot’ bouncing encouraged by round models.

It is a fact that rectangle trampolines will cost a little more than round ones, but in our opinion they are well worth it. If you have more than one child, or just have adventurous kids that love to practice gymnastics, parkour, or master flips and tricks a rectangle trampoline is a great choice.