NSS - North Safety Systems - is the collective name for our wide range of innovative safety features.

The focal point within the framework of NSS is to minimize possible hazards and ensure safety and confident use of our trampolines.

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All the products from North Trampoline are fulfilling the European General Product safety directive 2001/95/EC and the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC and its harmonized standards. North Trampoline also complies with the legislation regarding usage of chemical substances described in REACH No 1907/2006 and its subsequent amendments, the EU regulatory framework for chemicals. 

We contribute to safer products / trampolines by participating in writing and developing new safety standards in the Swedish and European markets. Our technical experts participate in technical committees in Sweden and Europe. As a company, we are a member of the Swedish Institute for Standards (SIS) and also contribute technical expertise into the European standardization organization, CEN (European Committee for standardization).