Round Trampolines

Choose the North Explorer for an exceptional quality round trampoline with an amazing bounce. Round trampolines are the classic, they look great in your garden and can seem less imposing than an oval or rectangle equivalent.

  • Round frame shape is incredibly rigid and strong, encouraging confident bouncing.
  • 'Optimum' bounce in the centre of the jump mat.
  • Simple structure means round trampolines give the best value for money.
  • Great bounce for all ages but younger, lighter kids love the powerful bounce of a round trampoline.
  • A great shape to blend with your landscaped yard.
  • Our round trampolines are designed for use by children over the age of 6.

Round Trampoline Safety: 

A true classic - the round trampoline. The nature of a round frame is very strong and rigid, meaning you can bounce hard and with confidence. As all the springs work together for every bounce a round trampoline is ideal for single users. We also find that younger or lighter kids often prefer a round trampoline as they get a really good bounce with less effort. 

Round Trampoline Bounce: 

Round trampolines will always give the best optimum bounce in the centre of the jump mat.  

Round Trampoline Shape: 

Round trampolines have always been a popular choice. The round shape can seem less imposing in smaller yards and work well with landscaped yards with curved borders or design style.