Accessories for your trampoline  

Add extra fun to your North trampoline with a North basketball hoop. The trampoline basketball hoop comes complete with basketball and fits all North Trampolines that have a net.

Jumpgames is the mobile game that takes your trampoline jumping to a new dimension. The activity tracker (included) can be worn on the leg or wrist and syncs with your phone app. Play fun games in the app that measures the height of your jumps, rotation, and even airtime.

Ladder & platform for your trampoline 

All our trampolines (except Athlete) are delivered with a safety net. As our trampolines stand higher than others we recommend buying a ladder that makes it easier to access the trampoline. We offer two variants: Ladder and Ladder +.

For smaller children check out the North Platform Base. This platform makes it even easier to safely access and exit the trampoline - you can even add on a fun slide!


The anchor set for your trampoline 

If your trampoline is in an exposed area, we recommend you use a trampoline anchor set that fixes the trampoline to the ground. It provides extra protection if the trampoline is exposed to strong winds. 


As a complement to our trampolines, we offer Airtracks. North Airtracks make it possible to practice gymnastic tricks at home in a safe and fun way.

North Airtracks can be used both indoors and outdoors and are available in different sizes and shapes. They come with handy  storage bag and pump included. 

Questions about trampoline accessories? 

If you have questions about accessories for your trampoline, do not hesitate to contact our support team