We are facing stressful and worrying times. 
People are forced out of safety, and our hearts are breaking seeing children fleeing their homes.

For the months of March, April and May we pledge 10% of our profits to support those affected in these hard times. 

Dear friends,
It breaks our hearts to see people fleeing homes.
Young and old are forced out of safety, not knowing where and if they will find shelter for the night.
We would love to see a world full of joy, happiness and play.
But we face a different reality today and it saddens us beyond belief. Although we are not powerful to support everyone, we believe in community and love. And if we all come united, as friends, as people who are yet to be friends, as one
 - we just might be able to make a difference for the people affected, together.
We are giving 10% of our profit for the month of March and April.
We hope to inspire others to do the same.
Our donation will go to Akelius UNHCR.

We have chosen that as best source as Mr. Akelius matches each donation by double. There are more options for anyone who is able to help - we have listed some organisations below that help the refugees.

Where you can donate as well:
Red Cross (ICRC.org)

We stand for peace; we stand with the refugees, and we hope our neighbours will achieve it.

With love,

The whole team at North Trampoline


During the named period, we have set up an internal process to provide an easy way for us as team members to donate through the company.

Namely, when we donate, our company will match the donation. We will then donate to Akelius platform, who will in turn also match that amount during March.
This would mean that one single donation within our team will be quadrupled towards helping the refugees. And that is how together we are stronger.
The final receiver of the donation will be UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency).