Is a 14 foot trampoline a good size?

Choosing the right size trampoline can seem like a tricky decision. If you are not restricted by space in your backyard, there are a lot of size options out there! If you are buying a high quality trampoline, we always say go as big as you can! This may sound obvious but the bigger the trampoline the more play space and therefore the safer it is, especially for older, heavier, and more adventurous kids.  
However cheaper trampolines that are larger than 14ft often suffer with a weak bounce, due to the poorer quality component parts and cheaper looser springs. So if you cannot stretch to a high- performance brand, we’d recommend you go no larger than a 14ft trampoline. 
How big is a 14 foot trampoline?  

With a huge 105 square feet of jump space the North 14ft Explorer Trampoline gives your kids tremendous space and freedom to master those Air Moves! Remember when choosing your trampoline that the size includes the padding, so the actual jump area of a 14ft trampoline will be more like 12ft.  

So yes, a 14ft trampoline or larger is a great size family trampoline if you have the space. 

What is the weight limit on a 14 foot trampoline? 

You’ll find that the weight limit across different brands varies hugely. Be cautious though, the highest weight limit doesn’t always mean the best bounce. Often cheaper trampoline brands will shout about an extremely high weight limit, but you’ll find that the bounce on these trampolines isn’t always great, especially for lighter younger children who may struggle to get much of a bounce at all!  
The north trampoline weight limits are 'recommended maximum user weights' that will give you optimum performance and are designed to help maintain the amazing bounce on our trampolines for years to come.

The recommended maximum user weight on our 14 foot trampoline is 243lb, however – it has been safety tested up to 1654lbs, we just wouldn’t recommend prolonged use over the recommended user weights as the springs may stretch quicker and the performance may decrease over time.